Saturday, June 8, 2013

Nutrition and training - learning how to fuel

Today was a half IM nutrition practice day. I had a 3:15 hour bike and a 20 min run on the schedule and my new coach (shout out to Liz!) suggested some things to try for fueling. I typically stick to water, salt tabs, gus, and chomps, but I added in an electrolyte drink to see how my stomach would handle it. I decided to try the reverse of my normal bike route because the reverse is mostly uphill and into a headwind, which is good practice for Buffalo Springs. I even had some company with a guy who was riding the same loop with me, so the kept me motivated to power those hills! We stopped at a gas station to refill on water around mile 37 and were on our way. Now, I remind you I haven't ever really drank my electrolytes, not while I was swimming or even now. So after we got back on the road, I definitely sicked up! I ended up making it home, but was very nauseous and its always awesome getting sick on the side of a busy rode haha! I have never been so glad for a ride to be over! I think next time I am going to dilute it with more water. Right now I am using Powerbar perform - does anybody have any other suggestions on this? Hopefully, I find a good combo for Buffalo Springs in 3 weeks!

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  1. So, I am guessing puking during a ride is more flamboyant than during a swim. Xoxoxoxo