Wednesday, December 4, 2013

And so we had some turkey

I figured I should write a blog post about my absolute stupidity over Thanksgiving weekend. As most of you all know, I have bipolar disorder and was diagnosed about 5 years ago now. Part of treatment is obviously the meds and I promptly forgot to bring them with me on my travels over the weekend. Absolute genius. The thing about being stable and medicated, is that I forget I am bipolar. I still have symptoms, but I am able to recognize what is happening and am able to calm myself, plus the symptoms are more "dull." This week was a great reminder that I actually do have BP and that it effing sucks.

Every so often I will miss a day of pills, but that is not really a big deal. Now a week is another story. We got to Vegas Wednesday night and I realized I had forgotten all my prescriptions and supplements. FAIL. Ok, no big deal, I can call CVS and have my prescriptions transferred to the one near my sister's house. Wrong. The pharmacy was closed on Thanksgiving. Well Friday then? Wrong again - I guess there is a hold on refills until Dec 7th. CRAP! I knew I was not only going to have to deal with BP symptoms, but with the prescription withdrawal as well.

I didn't actually start feeling anything until Saturday when I started to get slightly cranky and it progressed through Sunday. Then Monday - ah Monday - I was pretty damn emotional. I broke out in random tears, which made for an interesting drive back to Santa Fe, and my thoughts were just racing. For those that are familiar with BP, you know that the racing thoughts are no fun. I actually find them to be the worst because you can't turn the mind off and I spent most of Monday night awake. This made for a zombie-like Tuesday and an overemotional chemist. I am pretty sure I cried five times for no reason whatsoever. The other thing that was annoying thing was that I was exhibiting the physical side-effects too. I had quite the issue with coordination on Monday night into Tuesday, felt very light-headed, and my lips, hands, and feet kept going numb. So the point is, I had a realization that I actually do have this disease and that I have no clue how I coped before diagnosis. I guess I didn't cope very well since I am doing so much better now. Today was a much better day, since I have at least two days meds in me and seem to not be so prone to random tears :)

I did, however, have a really great weekend with my sister and brother-in-law and my niece. I am looking forward to having the whole family there for Christmas and NOT forgetting anything.

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