Friday, November 14, 2014

A hodge podge of the feels.

This is a very random blog post about everything over the last month or so. I am going to start this blog with the lyrics to the song I walked down the aisle to (it about sums up our wedding):

You be my princess
And I'll be your toad
I'll follow behind you
On rainbow road

Protect you from red shells
Wherever we go
I promise.

No one will touch us
If we pick up a star

And if you spin out
You can ride in my car
When we slide together
We generate sparks
In our wheels and our hearts

The finish line
Is just around the bend
I'll pause this game
So our love will never end
Let's go again

The blue shell is coming
So I'll go ahead
If you hang behind
It'll hit me instead

But never look back
Cause I'm down but not dead
I'll catch up to you

Don't worry about
Bowser or DK

Just eat this glowing mushroom
And they'll all fade away

The finish line
Is just around the bend
I'll pause this game
So our love will never end
Let's go again

The finish line
Is just around the bend
I'll pause this game
So our love will never end
Let's go again

To the mushroom cup
And the flower cup
And the star cup
And the reverse cup

In case you didn't know the song its "Mario Kart Love Song" by Sam Hunt (big youtube hit a few years ago - look it up. If you hang out with Logan and I a lot, you know why this fits us so well and pretty much explains our lack of seriousness at all. Not saying, we didn't take this wedding seriously, it was just more light-hearted and less structured than most. We had our friend Ryan preside over the ceremony and he did AMAZING! Maybe I am biased, but I am pretty sure we win the award for funniest ceremony ever. It opened with Ryan throwing his hands in the air and saying "MAWWAAIGGEE!" - that's right, we totally princessed-brided that shit. So awesome. He told an awesome story about how Logan is that one friend you can't really fit in a category and is "interesting" and then met someone who is equally as quirky (ME!). Then we came to the vows, which being Lani and Logan, we messed up quite a few times, didn't know what to do with our hands (inside joke -Talledega Nights anyone), and I may have cried. SO SUCCESS! We somehow managed to pull together one hell of a ceremony :)

I gotta say it was amazing having all our friends and family there. OH THE FEELS!!! Friends I grew up with, went to college and swam with, grad school, and then LANL. It was awesome having everyone in one place from each big piece of my life. I have been through a lot in the last decade. Its amazing that my friends have been there for me prior to my bipolar diagnosis (I was an emotional person to say the least), to those that aided in my recovery post-hospital stay. And then there is my husband! For the last half-decade, Logan has dealt with a crazy person, but loved me for all my flaws. Having you all there was amazing and I can't thank each and every one of you for all the support over the years.

Now, random segue. As most of you know, I have been struggling with my weight over the past few years. I gained it from taking Seroquil (horrible, horrible medicine for bipolar and schizophrenics). It is notorious for causing weight gain. Since then I have yo-yo'd and its been frustrating. I hate where I am at right now, especially since I used to be known as the girl who was ripped (I was super embarrassed on my wedding day!). So expect some blog posts about my weight loss journey between now and IM Maryland next year. It will be annoyingly slow, but this time it will be permanent.

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